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Recently expired coupons. is a company selling coffee and tea premium direct to consumers via home delivery. Customers can order from a customer service center and through the site. produces over 40 varieties of super-premium coffee and tea. The majority of these are blends of Arabica coffee, with beans from Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia and Costa Rica Kaffe is made up of six different varieties of Arabica beans and high-quality Brazilian. The shop also offers coffee makers, accessories, gifts and specialties. Among customers favorites include Dark Chocolate Truffle flavored Irish cream, amaretto and mocha. The store also has a shop space and clubs specialize in providing customers with discounts and special offers. is a subsidiary of Kraft Foods and was created in 1853 in Sweden. It is the largest roaster in Scandinavia and holds the Royal Warrantfor Coffee Roasting of His Majesty the King of Sweden. The company is popular with customers to provide robust flavors of coffee and excellent service.